04 August 2018

Breastfeeding from the first hour of birth: What works and what hurts

© UNICEF/UNI182998/Quintos

Whether delivery takes place in a hut in a rural village or a hospital in a major city, putting newborns to the breast within the first hour after birth gives them the best chance to survive, thrive and develop to their full potential.

UNICEF and WHO recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life, starting within an hour of birth. Continuing to breastfeed exclusively – without any other food – for the first six months promotes sensory and cognitive development, and protects babies against infectious and chronic diseases.

30 March 2018

Chasing water from space

Hamdia (6), whose little brother died of acute diarrhoea due to their drinking water being heavy on salt and minerals, Afdera town, Afar region, Ethiopia.
An innovative approach to finding fresh water underground in drought-affected areas in Ethiopia.

If you happen to drive by it, the steel pipe standing at attention in the middle of the desert doesn’t look very impressive. Yet, this pipe and the borehole beneath it currently form UNICEF Ethiopia’s most innovative and exciting project in the Afar region.


© UNICEF/Syria/2017/Al-Issa
A 15 year old boy who missed a year of schooling when violence escalated in his village in Syria.

Civil war

I had heard these terms in history class, abstract concepts I hadn’t paid much attention to. Seven years ago, at the age of eleven, they became my reality.

13 February 2018

A Vision for the Future: Reflections on children’s rights in the digital age

As a father, my wish is to see my child grow and strive, a wish shared by parents the world over. How can our children grow up happy and safe from harm and disease? Do they need fresh air, clean water, a beautiful environment, a harmonious family, a supportive society or a country that is rich and strong? I believe they need all of those, and more.

21 December 2017

Reading ambassadors promote reading in remote areas

Story by Heamakarn Sricharatchanya / Video by Metee Thuentap / Photos by Jonas Gratzer

This story was published in Bangkok Post newspaper on 9 December 2017

MAE HONG SON, 8 December 2017 – In the playground of Khun Yuam Vitthaya School in Mae Hong Son province, Kittisak “Gao” Tianyut and his friends look cheerful yet determined. Kittisak has a story book in his hand, while his friends put paper puppets of colourful animals on their hands. They tell a story, make animal noises, and act out a scene.