19 February 2012

Let's Play Together: helping disadvantaged children get sports equipment

Videos by Jingjai N.

BANGKOK – Sansiri Plc., and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have launched a social media campaign -- “Let’s Play Together” -- to promote children’s right to play and to provide sports equipment to disadvantaged children in Thailand.
By visiting http://www.letsplaytogether.com/, the public can help provide disadvantaged children sports equipment that will be donated by Sansiri and can create their own sport outfits and share their designs on Facebook.

Srettha Thavisin, Managing Director of Sansiri Plc., said the Let’s Play Together campaign is being carried out under the Sansiri Academy project, which provides children with free football lessons from licensed coaches.

Sansiri has already carried out a number of activities aimed at promoting children’s rights. This has included promoting new regulations requiring all salt for human consumption to contain iodiene, an essential element needed in the daily diet for optimum child nutrition, as well as establishing a breastfeeding room at its headquarters for mothers among its staff and banning child labour at its building construction sites.

“We also want to help promote other child rights, such as the right to play, which is crucial for child development,” Srettha said. “Through the Let’s Play Together campaign, Sansiri will be providing sports equipment to poor children living in some of the remotest areas of the country.”

Tomoo Hozumi, Representative for UNICEF Thailand, said the right to play is fundamental as play helps stimulate children’s physical and emotional development. Unfortunately, in Thailand today large numbers of children lack either the sports equipment they need to play or open spaces to play safely.

For more information, please contact
Nattha Keenapan, UNICEF Thailand, 02 356 9478 or 086 616 7555 or nkeenapan@unicef.org
Pinyapat Huangnak, Sansiri Plc. (66) 02 201 3536 or pinyapat@sansiri.com

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