23 April 2014

Right to be registered at birth

Video courtesy of the Bangkok Post by Jetjaras Na Ranong

This year, the world celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the world's most-ratified human rights treaty, which outlines the basic rights that countries must guarantee for all their children. This video highlights the right of every child to be registered immediate after birth. 

A birth certificate is the first legal recognition of a child's identity. Without the document, children can miss out on subsidized health services and face restrictions on travel. Unregistered children are also vulnerable to abuse, trafficking and exploitation. Although Thailand law allows all children born in Thailand, regardless of their parents' ethnicity and legal status, to register at birth, many children are still not registered at birth each year. Many of them are children of ethnic minorities and migrants. Some are born to parents who are unaware of the need to register their child's birth. UNICEF Thailand is working with government to develop an online birth registration programme to make sure all children are registered at birth.

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