21 November 2014

Voices of children

“All children, including children with special needs, children with disabilities, and children from ethnic groups, should get equal rights and equal treatment.
Pongnarin Nonkam, 20
Acting president of the Children and Youth Council of Thailand
Story by Heamakarn Sricharatchanya / Photos by Sukhum Preechapanich

Bangkok, 21 November 2014 – Representatives of children from four regions take part in the national youth consultation held on 19 November 2014 at Indra Regent Hotel. They provide recommendations to parents, adults, general public, and the government on issues related child rights. Here are some of their recommendations:

“I want adults and families to listen to children more so that children dare to express their opinions. Being confident in expressing their thoughts and wanting to share problems with adults will make children feel that they are not alone.”
Panatda Amphawan, 17
“All babies have the right to see the world. I think teen pregnancy is an alarming problem. I would like families, schools, and government agencies to help provide more knowledge to children and teenagers on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and about parenting when babies are born.”
Nonthapricha Saeliang, 18
“I would like all families not to use violence. Domestic violence affects children physically and mentally. It also leads to many social problems, such as teen pregnancy. To me, the solution is that everyone in the family should speak to one another and use more reasons.”
Supaporn Parinyasat, 17
“I would like to see more opportunities for child participation. Although children have more abilities, adults still do not listen to their opinions. Adults think ‘children are JUST children.’ They do not think ‘children ARE children.”
Supanimit Sukin, 17
“All children should get equal an opportunity to develop to their full potential, regardless of where they live. But what is happening now is that children in rural areas do not receive equal opportunity as children in big cities. This is especially true in the area of education.”
Panadda Prasertsri, 17

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