22 August 2014

Video interviews of young people at risk of HIV

Video by Jingjai N.

While overall levels of HIV infection have declined among the general population Thailand over the past two decades, new infections are increasing among young people in Thailand especially among men who have sex with men (MSM), transgenders, females who exchange sex for money, migrant workers and people who inject drugs.

Watch video interviews of young people at risk of HIV and sexual transmitted infections.
Download full report http://www.unicef.org/thailand/media_356.html

08 August 2014

Ebola in Sierra Leone – the joy of survivors

Vandy Jawad on the day he left the Ebola treatment centre. © UNICEF Sierra Leone/2014/Dunlop

 By Jo Dunlop

I travelled upcountry last week to one of the worst affected areas of Sierra Leone – Kenema. When you arrive in the town, there’s a feeling that Ebola has settled in with no plans to move any time soon. Chlorine buckets sit outside most restaurants for people to wash their hands; Ebola information posters are plastered on buildings; crackly radios are loudly broadcasting conversations about Ebola; people are talking about ‘dis Ebola bisnis’ relentlessly on the street; and handshaking has been replaced by a brush of the elbows.