18 February 2015

Not for sale: protecting children exploited for sex in Thailand

Saeng holds a picture he’s drawn of a woman dressed in designer clothes.
© UNICEF EAPRO/2014/Andy Brown
There are no circumstances in which using children for sex is acceptable. HIV Specialist for UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Shirley Mark Prabhu says: “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been signed by all countries in this region, is very clear on this point. There is no such thing as a child prostitute. Any child under the age of 18 is a victim of sexual exploitation. It violates their rights to health, education and a childhood.”

07 February 2015

Schools in the Orchard

A Thai teacher teaches migrant children basics of Thai language and their rights.
© UNICEF Thailand/2014/Metee Thuentap

Story by Heamakarn Sricharatchanya / Photos by Metee Thuentap

This story was published in Bangkok Post newspaper on 7 February 2015

Chiang Mai, 1 February 2015 As the last rays of daylight are about to disappear, Aong Mooring, 17, wipes the sweat from his face and puts down his gardening tools in a shed. His long day of work in the orange orchards in Fang district of Chiang Mai has come to an end, and it is now time for something that he has been looking forward to all day – going to school.