21 January 2017

Families have a key role to play in promoting good brain development in early childhood

Story by: Tanaporn Perapate

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the important timing for parents and caretakers in helping their children develop and the key factors that help shape a child’s brain.  Children who receive appropriate care and stimulation in the early months and years of their lives, are more likely to develop positive cognitive and social skills and to experience good health, and will have increased potential for future earnings.  Investment in these early days has the highest return than at any other time during a child’s life. In this post, we want to build on this momentum and focus on practical ways in which parents and care-givers can give their children a good head-start.

11 January 2017

Let’s Build a Better Brain for young children! Let’s do it today!

Story by: Tanaporn Perapate

I wanted to find some information on the factors that influence human brain development.  I wanted to know whether human intelligence is pre-determined in a person’s genes or are there things that can change how the brain develops. I did a quick search online and I came cross UNICEF blog post on brain development and on some of the answers that the leading neuroscience, biology, epigenetics, psychiatry, nutrition, chemistry and child development, provided on the subject.